Donald Trump: the first thing Boris Johnson said to me is 'we need ventilators'


Donald Trump said on Friday that he had a conversation with Boris Johnson, who has tested positive for coronavirus, and ‘the first thing he said to me is: “We need ventilators”‘. Trump mentioned Johnson ‘asking for ventilators today’ twice during the Coronavirus Task Force briefing
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Trump signs $2.2tn stimulus bill after invoking Defense Production Act – as it happened ►

Republican support of big bailouts reeks of hypocrisy ►

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  1. Trump signs $2.2tn stimulus bill after invoking Defense Production Act – as it happened ►
    Republican support of big bailouts reeks of hypocrisy ►

  2. It's about the profits, stupid. I knew there was a reason these people were stalling. Channeling the riches off of this virus into the hands of those who already have fortunes. Who are already part of the 1%.

  3. not being pro or against Trump, but to be fair ALL governments exposed to this, underestimated the virus. Your prez is no different, now he is just trying to save face.

  4. Trump must have been shocked. Afterall he's used to hearing, "we need guns" rather than "we need ventilators"

  5. Don't use ventilator. Use menthol on your lungs, throat and nose, drink water with garlic. Ginger in soups. Drink warm water with a clove of garlic. Thanks to joy, cells work better and are encouraged to fight evil.

  6. Mga mgkakalevel n nd ngkakadirihan mgkakausap yan kasuhan nl pgbayarin. Bawal s professiona n usapin ginawa nian. Tawag dun ay oang gagaoang ng ariarian at kingdom. Gunagaoang nia inissnake nia kingdom pati mga tao.

  7. Can any Trump supporter explain me in a reasonable way, why are they supporting this guy ? He should be jailed for letting this entire situation go out of control and letting die hundreds of Americans.

  8. Ok, just a quick question from abroad: how are the US going to give ventilators to other countries if there are not enough ventilators for the US themselves? (According to the tragic news from NY – and basically only NY, for now -).

  9. Mr President the case numbers are rising our health care professionals are overwhelmed our nation is in a major crisis, something needs to be done now to stop the spread and get the proper medical supplies to the people who are risking their life’s day in and day out , please get this situation under control , our nation needs you !! Please take control and recognize the is a major crisis , please your the only one who can make the major decisions that need to happen , WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  10. Trump has failed from the start. How can you be so stupid and not recognize this danger? Oh yeah, I forgot we're talking about Trump. . . He throw his people to the wolves

  11. The demrats are playing …
    Maybe we can… instead of yes we can….

    If Russia can't impeach Trump…maybe Ukraine can do it …

    If Ukraine can't impeach Trump…. maybe China can do it ….

    What's next a Romanian vampiress will go on a date with Trump to create the ultimate werewolf or an Egyptian mummy chasing Trump around the White house to take him 4000 years back in history into the underworld…..??

    Nobody knows …where it goes…


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