Don't Starve Together Guide: Hook, Line And Inker Content Update [BETA]


The sea’s new bounty is all for us but we may come to find the update is still in a rut…

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  1. How an update so large alluded me is questionable so forgive the lateness but nevertheless it's here, "everything" within the Hook, Line and Inker update for DST!

    Now, I know there are things called "ocean debris" that can be reeled in with the rod and offer certain loot but it's just trinkets, kelp and RARELY the adverts for quill floats. Furthermore, supposedly there is a hook-like item that allows you to "attach" berries/seeds to… well… hooks in order to prolong bait but I never saw it – both when recording this and beyond. I also know that MANY of these showcases will more than likely be meaningless once the update fully drops so expect further discussions down the line, likely in a different format however.

    Please share whatever knowledge you have gained yourself as I am sure other things were missed.

  2. Some kind of a plastic tub with water to keep the fish in would be cool.
    Then you can have a little salt water fish tank for food that does not spoil.
    They can even add the feature than that you have to feed them with fish food if you want to keep them for extreme long periods of time

  3. I really do like the fact that the fishing tackle seems to be based on real life lures and what not. That's a nice little detail on Klei's part.

  4. Ok I don't know if you gonna see this but you can also catch fish with rot. My friend did it yesterday and was kinda surprised by that. The next thing is that the skitter squid can also take the fish out of the tin fishing bin. It only happened once but it happened to us.

  5. do i need the other expansions to play dst? or just the dst is enough? don't feel like buying the others, just the online experience

  6. Beard i wish klei would make the ocean fish able to give wurt bigger sanity boosts than the fresh water fish as they are cutter and etc. Therefore more sanity regen for wurt and a drastic sanity loos if they die and you eighter have them on your inventory or u stay close to them (a bit like evil flowers)

  7. 1:40 poor beard he's hopes we're hopeless as klei still didn't solve that and I'm a wurt main so i just hate my life when it comes to the DIY KIT. ??? Pls klei solve this issue

  8. See a healing item with 60 health heals, dope sanity and hunger restores, with relatively easy ingredients.
    Pierogi/Dragonpie: *Chuckles "I am in danger"

  9. Donno if you now this by now, but you can actually kill the fish making them into fish morsels…which are stackable ?

  10. you forget to show us how to build that Tackle Receptacle, and big fish like Deep Bass do not want berries or seed, it love rot

  11. They should really add sea storms in dst. And a few islands with treasures on them or something. Especially the storm thingy would awesome… trying to navigate around those massive waves and typhoons and stuff. A pirates update would be kinda cool too. Idk I guess I feel like they are not exploiting the full potential of the sea biome.

  12. BEARD YOU SILLY you can't place the fishy in an ice box or salt box because they are alive you need to murder them !
    Edit: he finally found out but i still don't see the problem

  13. I've checked, they've changed it now, he spoons now are the only way to catch bigger fish. Now I know what you're thinking, how do I get a spoiled fish for the reciptacle then?" you have to fish up an eel first. But yeah, berries and twigs only work on small fish.

  14. Sure this is a mistake and they want us to have fun but at least Klei knows how to make their games, Ubisoft doesn't know how to and they're just a bunch of useless morons.

  15. so did you choose not to do the gengerbread pig thing or did you not come across it or was it not in the game when you recorded

  16. How does one catch a fish with his twig and berry you may ask? The good ole deceitful worm method obviously, that fish is gonna feel dumb when it realizes it has a literal dong in its mouth.

  17. I just learned something a few seconds ago: there is a fishing net in the beta. You can use it to get things from the water like items and living things on the water, like puffins. you cannot craft it yet, but you can use the debug console or "Too Many Items" (in the 'Others' section) to get it.


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