[Don't Starve Tutorial] Episode 6: Insanity


A guide on the effects of sanity loss and tips on how to regain it. Don’t go insane!

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  1. One really good sanity tip left out: Pick up flowers! Flowers restore 5 sanity points, which can also be used to make a flowercrown which also restores sanity. ( I think. )

  2. I could survive longer than usual when i play as Willow. Standing near fire restore her sanity so i have several days with her sanity always full. Aaaannddd it's all gone just because i accidentally fight a whole colony of spiders.

  3. What i do when i am low on health and sanity…. i eat raw blue mushrooms for health and after that i eat coocked green mushroom for sanity

  4. How to kite shadows: Let them attack first then attack (remember to dodge unless you don’t mind losing hp)
    Make sure you have sanity food with you (get green caps)
    If your attacked by 2 terror beaks, eat green caps.

    I think I was cap-tian obvious for a while.

  5. Nah fuck sanity fuck it who needs it I can live with 0 sanity I don't need this shit unless we are fighting the last boss in the game then STAY SANE but most of the time fuck it I don't need it you just fucking kill them unless you don't know how to kill them learn and I I'm not saying this video is shit I'm saying fuck sanity and I'm not saying fuck who made this

  6. Thanks for this video, the only thing i would change about it would be putting a part telling why going insane is usful

  7. Those hands still creep me out, man… I still remember my first encounter with them, I was frozen with fear for a few seconds and freaked out.

    The music didn't help either

  8. I don’t get why would want you to be sane I would only be sane in ruins unless I’m in the atrium or working that’s it and the noises are not that disturbing AND nightmare fuel can do a lot of things VERY powerful weapons getting revived and some other stuff

  9. I find that if I always pick green mushrooms and set up base near 3-4 of them I never have to worry about sanity early game. Don't pick the flowers, though -save them for emergencies.

  10. night hands can also be sent away by dropping a lot of fuel on the fire, the hands will burn themselves and quickly leave without sanity loss.

  11. If you're playing webber, and playing him right, then you're pretty much set. You should have a tonne of silk, and be able to make a tonne of top hats.

  12. Your kiting guide for shadow monsters is wrong. It can go like this. Spawns > Hit > Run > They Attack > Hit – and repeat.

  13. Just a sidenote
    NEVER cook blue mushrooms, since they´re quite a decent healing item when raw and you should be insane anyway to get nightmare fuel


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