English Lessons for KIDs Level 1


English Lessons for KIDs Level 1 1: Full 20 Unit
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  1. 0:05 Unit 1 In The Park

    2:22 Unit 2 In The Dining Room

    4:37 Unit 3 At The Street market

    6:52 Unit 4 In The Bedrom

    8:04 Unit 5 At The Fish And Chip Shop

    13:01 Unit 6 On The Farm

    15:19 Unit 7 In The Backyard

    17:31 Unit 8 In The Playground

    19:43 Unit 9 In The Shop

    23:03 Unit 10 At The Zoo

    28:00 Unit 11 At The Bus Stop

    30:04 Unit 12 At The Lake

    32:03 Unit 13 In The School Canteen

    34:14 Unit 14 In The Toy Shop

    36:34 Unit 15 At The Footbooll Match

    41:24 Unit 16 Doing The Houseword

    44:02 Unit 17 At The Birthday Party

    46:21 Unit 18 In The Countryside

    49:22 Unit 19 At The Sea

    51:53 Unit 20 On The Field

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