Karaoke Don't Let Me Down – The Beatles *


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* This version contains a low volume vocal guide to help you learn the song. The karaoke version without the vocal guide is available on www.karafun.com. This recording is a cover of Don’t Let Me Down as made famous by The Beatles – This version is not the original version, and is not performed by The Beatles. This instrumental/playback version contains a vocal guide, the lyrics and backing vocals.

All the assets on KaraFun channels are used by permission under licensing agreement with rights holders (music composition, sound re-recording).

Nguồn: https://daihocthanglong.com

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  1. Esta canción me encanta tengo 14 años de edad creo naci en la época equivocada


  2. Hello, music lovers! I took this instrumental and I modified it so that I could rap over it, and I'd love to share it with anyone interested in listening. 😀 Much Peace and Much Love, thank you. https://soundcloud.com/raymond-ramirez-10112018/dont-let-me-down

  3. Thanks ,me sirvió mucho porque tenemos que cantar una canción para poder ir a concursar y me encantan los beatles


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