Macbook Air 2020 review: the best Mac for most people


Apple’s 2020 MacBook Air comes with the new scissor-switch keyboard the company introduced in the 16-inch MacBook Pro, and the processors have been upgraded to Intel’s new 10th-generation parts. Apple’s also lowered the price by $100, with the new MacBook Air now starting at $999. Nilay Patel has the full review.

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  1. What do you recommend .. which macbook to buy in 2020 I’ll using it for studying i might need to download engineering programs like autocad and solid

  2. Honestly I’ve never ever seen this guy do a review where he praises Apple for anything. It’s always some kind of whinging about EVERYTHING. This is the thing with these YouTube reviewers and Apple. It is impossible to give them credit or a compliment without having to finish it off with some kind of insult.

    ‘Waaah waaah I don’t like the Touch Bar’. – Try using apps like Keynote where it has improved by productivity by 50%.

    ‘I’m not going to give Apple credit for the keyboard’. Of course not. ?

    ‘The apps are battery hogs. I use them all day long but I’m not blown away by battery’. So surprising

    You are so unrealistic with your reviews – and I never see these kind of attacks on Windows laptops that have Trackpads that stutter and aren’t precise. Or designs that are so poorly executed, the ergonomics are just terrible. It’s just so boring you’re constantly taking the same position with Apple. You ask for them to improve something. They do it and your response is not to give them credit. These kinds of reviews turn people off buying their stuff only to regret it later. Exactly like what happened to me. Maybe do some more realistic testing of how much better it is to do something on a Mac on a daily basis than it is vs Windows. Or how the value proposition of owning a Mac is completely different if you have an iPhone. That’s the stuff that will inform people’s decision making. Not your personal hatred of the Touch Bar.

  3. SO Upset with Apple for Upgrading the Air's Keyboard, Processor, and Graphics. I bought a Surface Laptop 2 last year which I Love…but at the same price point the Macbook Air is the best entry level Premium Laptop!

  4. Always find it funny when so many reviews act is if EVERYONE is rendering 4K video or doing high-end graphic design on a daily basis. I think you did a better job than most in your review here. I'm still using a mid 2017 MBA as my main laptop and occasionally use GIMP for image manipulation, have about 20 open tabs in two different browsers (Firefox & Chrome), run a second 1080p monitor, constantly stream YouTube videos, and use Microsoft Office/Google Docs. I never feel like I am having much of an issue with anything, although it does indeed chug a bit on huge graphic files. I've been thinking about upgrading to a 2020MBA, but at this point is just seems like an extravagance since the old 2017 is still getting the job done.

  5. Eventho this newest macbook air is much more cheapest compared to previous model, I still can’t afford it:( when will I? Lol. Maybe after my study??

  6. Yeah the fan is loud. I do productivity work (Chrome, Outlook , OneNote, Powerpoint) and the fan is running a lot.
    I bought the new XPS 13 3 weeks ago, trying to decide which laptop I'm returning. The fan and the bezels on the Mac are losing to the XPS… but I love MacOS.

  7. Using mouse on a UI designed for touch screen is viable, but NOT the other way around. UI elements are just too small for touch screen on mac to work, unless however they did a whole redesign.

  8. Hey i Need help. I just wanted to Order the new MBA 2020 with i7 and 16gb RAM for Photo editing (80% Lightroom 20% Photoshop) is it a good Idea or Not? It’s just Hobby Photography, no Daily editing

  9. Thanks for the info. Pertinent question for these days—how does it handle a sizable Zoom meeting + working in docs and a few tabs?

  10. As much as I like Nilay, I only have one like to give and it goes entirely to Becca.
    When oh when will YT develop the tech for giving multiple likes!?!?

  11. Day 2 with my new MacBook Air, already see a weird stain from I guess the AR coating wearing off…. surprised to see such poor quality on a new product.

  12. I’ve been waiting to buy a MacBook (air or pro) for a loooong time, because the past models had that butterfly keyboard, now they changed it, but the other problem I see is if Apple is making its own chips for iPhones and iPads, why they’re still using Intel chips for their MacBooks?

    I have a 10 years old HP laptop very slow, very noisy, very heavy and the battery died, so it has to stay plugged in, I hate it, and I’m sick of Windows. I have an iPhone, in 2016 I bought the iPad Pro thinking it would helped me as a computer, and it does, but has its limitations, so in moments I prefer to work with my unreliable HP laptop. And I want a Mac because of the ecosystem, the old fame of the old MacBooks, and they’re so light and portable, but between the Intel chip and the awful camera you mentioned I think I’m going to still waiting (also the fact that in this Coronavirus crisis I prefer to keep my money). In a normal scenario, I hope next year the MacBook would come with an Apple chip or a NVIDIA or something newer and innovative and not those old Intel.

    PD: My iPad Pro is a jewel, 4 years later and has no crashes, glitches, etc. comparing with the iPad 2 in its own time, I mean, the iPad Pro is lasting more or “aging” better than the iPad 2 did, in software and hardware. The only thing deteriorating is the Apple keyboard for the iPad Pro.

  13. Serious props to making these video reviews in these times. Impressive how much it still feels just like any other Verge video review, I can't imagine how tricky it is to get audio and video sent around vs being in the studio.

  14. Does anyone know if pay for the upgrade to the quad core i7 model, would it have the same throttle issue, Nijay is talking about?

  15. I’ve been using the 16in MacBook Pro for work for a while now and the touchbar is the bane of my existence. Please Apple, I just want a high end MacBook without the touchbar

  16. Zoom, slack are web apps, you can expect to consume more battery, also memory and cpu. I thinks Apple means 11 hours with safari browsing only, but nowdays out there pretty much everything is an app xD


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