Memories of Wembley – BTS Speak Yourself Tour 2019


Hi! So, I was extremely lucky to be able to attend BTS’s concert at Wembley on the first of June ? I had such a great time that I wanted to share some of the footage that I took with all of you!

I didn’t record every song as I wanted to enjoy a lot of the concert without looking through a screen but I wanted a way to remember my time so I thought I would make a compilation of the videos that I managed to take – I hope you enjoy!

I used Paint Tool SAI and Animate cc to create this
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DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the music or sounds used in this video. All rights go to their respective owners. The music in this video is for entertainment purposes only.


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  1. So i know i'm not a vlogger but i thought it would be cool to share my experience at Wembley! I hope you all enjoy 🙂 (also go listen to Tonight by Jin – its amazing!!)

  2. я сичас расплачююююсь яяяяяяя тожээээээээээээээээээ хочуууууууууууууу тудаааааааааааааааааа

  3. I wish I could give this video a million likes because it just is ?
    Maybe one day I can experience this in the future! Fingers crossed??

  4. I went to Day 2. I can't believe this was already 8 months ago. Feels like yesterday 🙁 And it was my first time going to London!

  5. I'm their fan❤️althought they have never arrived in my country?we do not lose hope that georgian???? army will arrived in my country?


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