New iPad Pro 2020 – Unboxing and First Impressions


New iPad Pro 2020 – Unboxing and First Impressions
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  1. Just get a case for this year's version, put it on the "peasant" version, and get some stickers and shit that makes it look like the 2020 version! Peasant crisis averted.

  2. "A12Z Bionic Supersonic Titanium Uranium chip…." This is the reason why I love your apple product reviews hahahaha

  3. the only important question you failed to answer: DOES IT STILL BEND?
    just another apple fanboy video. unsubscribing.

  4. You can purchase an Adonit Snap stylus which will also magnetize to your tablet…has a button for camera shutter…. flat, portable, rechargeable…like 1/16th the price.

  5. Would you get a note 9 or a s10 because I would have enough for the s10 but I would have extra if I got the note 9 and I want the s pen

  6. Did you really just say…$130 dollars for that sad excuse of a stylus they call an apple pencil??? You mean that thing that has less functionality than an spen that runs u 35$ direct from samsung….and also less functionality than an LG stylo stylus??? That "pencil" better shoot fucking fireworks from it or something…… $130 for a stylus… LMAO. YOU DO REALIZE YOU CAN USE A REAL PENCIL WITH THE IPAD RIGHT? If ya dont know how I'll tell ya…and u can grab one of them from the dollar store lmao.
    Coronavirus- taking peoples money and jobs…. Apple – Hold my Pencil ?

  7. Wait. I thought they didnt upgrade the apple pencil…. i bought the 2nd generation cuz i thought it was the latest version

  8. Floss , question. You recommend MacBook Air or iPad Pro with new magic keyboard? I basically do light internet browsing and a lot of media consumption. No video editing or anything like that


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