Stuffed Bitter Melon Soup – Canh Kho Qua


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1 kg bitter melon cut into 3-inch cylinder, core removed, 2.2 lb
300 g minced pork, 17.6 oz
200 g clown/featherback knifefish paste (Ca that lat), or minced shimp, 16 oz
15 g dried woodear mushrooms, soaked in warm water and chopped finely
50 g glass noodles, soaked in warm water and chopped, ~ 2 oz
2 tbsp minced shallot
3 liters water
3 tbsp fish sauce
salt, sugar, pepper to taste


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  1. I have found that if you par-boil bitter green veggies for a few minutes, then use them in the recipe, it reduces the bitterness a lot. This works for extra spicy greens like mustard greens too.

  2. For some reason I'd always thought it was called Kho Hoa as in 'suffering flower' Haha
    I used to hate eating bitter melon soup when I was little but now that I'm older I actually miss eating it, and even crave it sometimes.
    Thanks for sharing your recipes Helen! 🙂

  3. Right to the point and easy to understand, once I made the soup it was great! I never taste Bitter melon before a year ago. It will be part of my diet now …thnx

  4. I was born in Poland and raised in Germany before I moved to Canada in my teens… and eventually ended up in TX. Soooo… no matter how you look at it – never even close to Vietnam or its culture. Yet Vietnamese people kept somehow intertwine into my family's life. I am a very conservative Catholic and whether Christian or Buddhist, the Vietnamese people I met always shared the same values as us. My daughter's "bestest friend foreverest" came from Vietnam when they were both in 2nd grade and they both hit it off back then, almost 10 years ago. We are now also friends with her mom, Lan, who is the most caring, sweetest person ever. I've had major health issues and for the last 6 months I am unable to cook for my family (which is killing me more than the physical pain that I suffer from). Lan, despite being alone and quite poor is the only friend who cooks and brings meals for us. Sorry for the long intro, but I just had to pay homage to Vietnam and its people in general, probably because you, Helen seem like another beautiful Vietnamese person with the kindest demeanor and this wisdom that one can detect right away even when only listening to someone talk. So back to stuffed bitter melon… we call it bitter squash… It is THE BOMB! I love everything about it, including the bitterness. When Lan made it for us, she warned us that even though it is healthy, we might not be as crazy about it as we were about other Vietnamese food she made for us. Her daughter actually got into a fight with her saying that she should not make it for us, as it is too bitter and in order to like it one would have to be at least 1% Vietnamese genetically. So I don't know. Maybe we are a tad Vietnamese. Helen, you are absolutely right. This stuff causes unexplainable cravings. My goodness… what is it with the very caucasian and blond me, and Vietnam!!! Lol.

    And, since I already made this into an essay… I might as well ask a favor. Do you have a video on how to make this Vietnamese dessert from black sesame and coconut milk? My husband wanted to make it and Lan got him all the ingredients and told the recipe, but it would be better to actually watch someone make it. And also this special banana cake… It's supposed to also be a popular Vietnamese treat. I'd love to see how it's made. Lots of love and blessings to you and your loved ones.

    Thanks Helen!

  5. "Khổ qua" là dân tình người ta nói về cái sự đắng của nó Tên của trái này là "Khổ Hoa" đó Helen

  6. lots of people started to eat bitter melons for health purposes. this is the best way to cook. less oil and healthier. we eat this very often in our home.

  7. for those of you who have never tried bitter melon, like my son (he hates it), try it out first at a local Chinese restaurant, they almost always serve it with black bean sauce.  ask them to boil it first to lessen the bitter taste.   if you can tolerate the bitter taste it'll leave you craving for more! thank you Helen!

  8. Love your recipes. Just amazing. We cook bitter melon in a different way. We first cut them really thin, then add heaps of salt and wash with salt a few times to remove the raw bitterness. Then we fry it. We fry it until it is really golden and crispy. It is my personal favourite. We call it margose and the variety that we have is usually red inside. I discovered that in asian cultures, they stuff the bitter melon with fish and now I am discovering with pork. I don't eat pork but most definitely the idea of stuffing margose with meat is just pure genius. i have had stuffed fish margose but this time will definitely try stuffed meat margose. Thank you for your recipe. I enjoy cooking and enjoy. It is my number passion and pleasure in life. Love the series and keep the recipes going 🙂

  9. my boyfriend is Vietnamese and the first time his mom made this for me I hated it. but after I had it a few times I became addicted, I can't get enough of this soup! we like to dip this in a fish sauce / Thai chili pepper mix. it gives a really nice spice. thank you for the recipe I can't wait to make it!

  10. Spread the filling stuff in a plate then put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes. This GELs the filling stuff into Kho qua. You can cut cooked Kho qua in thin slices, filling stuff will not drop out, soft, and delicious.

  11. you use fish sauce, its smell to much I mean only at last, not during cooking, if fish sauce smell than headache, cu, rest its good

  12. i just recently started to watch this channel my grandma always make this and she put egg inside is it good to put egg?

  13. Stuffing animals? Does it really need to kill animals for your tongue?Nasty video show.You can never ever be happy if you eat animals never!

  14. for my version, i think i will just use minced pork for the filling, more simple that way. btw i hate chick stock cube.

  15. Iv always hated this dish lol My parents always make it, the smell and the taste to me is too weird. But i still enjoyed this video (:


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