The Dawn of The New King! – Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 201 Review


Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 201, one of the biggest plot twists in recent times! So many things have happened this chapter and there was me thinking Tanjiro would come back to life and there would be a happy ending. Anyway’s this review goes through the entire chapter as well as the future of Demon Slayer, Gotouge is RUTHLESS. This video does contain SPOILERS, you’ve been warned.

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  1. One of the main themes of Demon Slayer is 'passing one's will onto the next generation' or 'letting the next generation take over.' I like how even Muzan is standing by this theme since he came to terms with his death.

  2. Muzan makes demon slayers in bad way he makes tanjirou , king of demon then tanjirou want to kill her friends then became a muzan , i have nothing to say , sorry im….still crying……?

  3. Remember when the doctor lady said she was gonna turn nezuko back into a human so I’m not gonna be surprised if he turns back

  4. it'll be a new arc where they will dive into the possibility that there is a stronger demon than muzan. and maybe demon slayer tanjiro is not enough to face them so a demon power up is required.

  5. Aye bro big fan checking in , I follow and comment on all your post with my other account. I just started an anime page of my own with demon slayer content and theories . Due to motivation from you and other youtuber. Definitely click that link and tell me what you think bro , much love !??❤️

  6. ehh… Iono man.. i feel like their just gonna be milking this shit now… just gonna shit on my boys clean record and massive achievements… BULLSHIT!!! where the fuck were the damn sibling ghost and shit then?? they save this dude every damn time, But when he's about to get turned into something even worst than muzan, making a worst possible outcome, fucking nowhere…. I swear… still though, i think tanjiro is fighting himself… because he should be thirsty as hell.. He could of immediately put his hand through someone and drank some blood but didnt… so who knows…

  7. "I will become the strongest demon king"- does he mean there are other demon kings? but if he overcomes the sun he becomes the strongest demon king

  8. Either tanjiro dies, or it's gonna be a new arc about nezuko being a demon slayer and finding a cure for tanjiro while going around the world, since it's impossible for muzan to be the only demon king

  9. I think the sequel would make tanjiro the villain and nezuko as the new sun breather. zenitsu, inosuke and kanso would be new pillars

  10. Muzan said that tanjiro himself will become the king of demons. It was not specified that muzan will become the king of demons through tanjiro. Muzan passed on his cells into tanjiro just for the purpose of turning tanjiro into a demon like in the case of nezuko.

  11. I called this happening, I call either one of these possibilities. Either most of the demon slayers die and a sequel is made with a different generation of demon slayers with Tanjiro being the big bad, Tanjiro reverting back to a human because of plot, Tanjiro brought to the verge of death and is forced to retreat and slowly makes a new generation of demons (can correlate to the 1st one too), or he gets affected by the poison due to it having been in Muzan’s blood and slowly dies. If something else happens, it would probably be a huge plot twist. Most of these are highly likely.

  12. Please CAN YOU NOT use this kind of pictures for you'r thumbnails?? That juste an huge spoiler for any people who just got interested in demon slayer and could get this in recommendation, or just any guy who just watch the anime and haven't read the scan (and that what you just did to me.) sorry for the bad English, not my mother tongue.

  13. You are wrong muzan is he won't come back also I think there are more demon kings like muzan and tanjiro is now the only one to stop them maybe new arc or somthing

  14. Nahhhhhhhh Ik what’s gunna happen tanji will be fine bro ur right bro he might turn back to human like nezuko but my heart aches bro fuck

  15. I bet that the next chapter is nezuko going to tanjiro and then slaps him to sleep then tanjiro wakes up and hes human again aeheheh

  16. Well it's really not a shock to most people. It's very obvious that Tanjiro isn't gonna die like that. But no one ever expected him to be revived as a demon.

  17. I feel they r gonna fight Tanjiro to stale mate then Tanjiro retreats. The only ones left are Tomioka, Zenitsu, Inosuke, Sanami, Tengen, and maybe a few of the slayer corps felt. I some how believe they are gonna kill Nezuko I don’t know why it’s just a feeling. Maybe have a time skip or a sequel to Yaiba now Tanjiro as the main villain.

  18. You know Koyoharu Gotouge is a very good writer when she does not give a damn what the fans care evident by doing what she did in this chapter. I think I am in the monitory that is happy this happened and one more arc killing Tanjiro off is great(if they manage to kill him off, maybe a few bodies). He is a wholesome character (a bit OP due to his ancestry which is a bit lazy, but he does lose which it is good) and for me he was just the cliche shounen “such a warm hearted boy” and it is really really easy to write for audiences and it becomes just boring… People forget that he also has somewhat of aggressive and dark part of himself evident by his interactions through the manga to some demons or people (too far back, but I am sure) and with Muzan (he shows 0% empathy for him and flat out calls him a piece of crap), and Muzan doing what he did in this chapter is the ultimate f u back. Just brilliant. Tanjiro as a demon pulls the same pose as Muzan did when he found out that Nezuko was able to withstand the sun. All of his blood, knowledge, and one command put into this ONE guy who was able to withstand ALL of that in one body. We saw countless times Muzan giving off too much blood would kill the host, but not Tanjiro. I just would HATE him overcome this, is just would not make any sense that the most powerful demon that was hard to kill that needed all of the pillars and main cast to beat. All of his power, blood, and etc.. Be overcomed by this guy (who is not that strong compared to the other pillars who got bodied, and Muzan lost by the sun). I will call bs. Now the harder part is this; how can we beat a guy with the strongest breath, sun resistant, ultimates healing, stamina, and strength? Un curable due to all of the blood, and etc.. I don’t know HAHA! You got to seal him, or make one more arc and take advantage of his lack of adaption because he is still fresh and seal him. Edit: The writer is a She..

  19. Bruh even he conscious and his sword turn to be red..and he want kill himself he cannot..u knw what i mean is..he a demon king?

  20. I’m really hoping Nezuko or someone hits Tanjiro with the Talk no Jutsu and he just snaps out of this cuz if anything happens to Inosuke or Zenitsu (ESPECIALLY ZENITSU) ???


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