We Will Rock You – Queen / Rockin'1000 at Stade De France


1000 musicians were needed for such a massive show.
1000 words wouldn’t be enough to say how it felt.
This’s “We Will Rock You” by Queen performed by 1.000 musicians together at Rockin’1000, Stade De France – Paris, on June 29th.

★ Who Are We ★

In 2015 1000 Rockers performed simultaneously “Learn to Fly” by the Foo Fighters in Cesena – Italy.
The video got more than 32 million views and the Foos actually held a concert in town!
Since then we organize concerts with 1000 musicians playing together the songs that made the glorious History of Rock!

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Join the band now: recruitment is always open on: www.rockin1000.com

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★ Produced by Rockin’1000 ★

We are a team of professional producers, film makers, communication experts, and sound engineers, but above all, music enthusiasts.
We organize massive events where thousands of musicians perform simultaneously.

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  1. Rockin' 1000 events should be global.. Not just one place, or just on Youtube. It'd be awesome if it could be done on every continent. I'd much rather see a thousand humans (tens of thousands?) getting together to play a song (and enjoy our similarities AND differences) than fight one another. Bravo, Musicians. And Thank You, Rockin' 1000! Freddie would be proud!! Queen has gotta love this!! Keep it up!

  2. This message come from Taiwan! God bless UK! We are the champion! we can make it!(without communist party of chain)

  3. Its just only me that not see there is black people on this video?
    Ah i forget they only can hear a autotune song nowadays


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