Wilson Blade 98L Tennis Racquet Review | Tennis Express


Wilson Blade 98L Tennis Racquet Review | Tennis Express

All new for the blade line is the addition of a lightened version of the popular Blade 98 16×19. This new Wilson Blade 98L provides players with a light weight option to gain them entry into the blade family of racquets. This racquet provides enhanced control and precision for the modern, aggressive game. The Blade 98L features a more open 16×19 string pattern for spin and power. Wilson’s Parallel Drilling process increases the power and also yields an increase in feel and comfort on the string bed.

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  1. The racquet seems like it is more maneuvable than 313 or whatever that was. Specs are exactly like the babolat pure strike and that is 306. It feels less maneuverable than this. I found one seller who says it has a swingweight of 291 which seems closer to the truth. They all say something different. I wish there could be more consistency with informing the specs of racquets. It seems pretty important criteria for selling racquets.

  2. Hi, I play with the Burn 100ls (CV version) now, but I am looking for a little bit more control. I still want some power and spin though. Do you think this would be a good alternative?

  3. Out of the 104 and the 98l which would you recommend to an aggressive strong 13 year old looking for control and power?

  4. Great job guys! Your reviews are getting so much better. You actually sound like real people and not some robots reading off a script! Keep it up!!


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