Yonex Astrox 5FX Badminton Racket Review


Weight: F5
Balance: Head Heavy
Shaft stiffness: Flexible
Max string tension: 26lbs

Strung weight: 77.9g
Balance: Very Head Heavy
Shaft Stiffness: Stiff

All of our rackets are re-strung with the same string to 25lbs tension.
We use the same shuttle cocks on all tests
We test all rackets in exactly the same way
Our player tries to hit all shots at the same velocity and strength to minimise variation.

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  1. which one does suitable for doubles? is it Astrox 5fx or Astrox FB or Astrox 38S?.. i'm a front court player and rarely get in the back court.. what is your opinion sir? or you will help to recommend any kind for my kind of plays? could you help me by reply me.. tq sir.. o

  2. Hi … Pls Answer my Question as i'm confused
    I'm looking for a racket for good smashes and 3rd line clears(i got a poor arm strength for smashes) (i play 3-4times a week)
    Pls let me know which racket is good in the list below
    1. Astrox 5FX
    2. Apacs Wave 10
    3. Arcsaber 69 light
    4.Astrox FB
    5. Nanoray 11i / 18i
    Or do u recommend any other rackets (pls dont suggest Abroz as its not available in my country)

    And also pls suggest a good String for the racket u suggest with good repulsion and durability ?


  3. Hi! Deciding between voltric 5fx and astrox 5fx. Which do you recommend and why? Which one has faster swings between the two.

  4. I am sorry, I will buy a racket, voltric5fx or astrox2, and I dont know who is better for me. I am improving my clear and jump smash. Can you help me?

  5. This one or astrox 22 for doubles? I want a powerful yet quick racket. Please can u give me detailed comparison

  6. For the control shot how about instead of aiming for the buckets, the tester aims to get a hairpin shot as close to the net as possible and then you could have lines on the floor to determine the points or you could measure the distance of the shuttle to the net. Cheers!


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