Yonex Astrox 9 Badminton Racket Review – Racket No 588


Yonex Astrox 9 Badminton Racket Specs:

Weight: 4u
Balance: Head Heavy
Shaft stiffness: Stiff
Max String tension: 20-28lbs

Strung weight: 88.4g
Balance: Very Head Heavy
Shaft Stiffness: Very Stiff

All of our rackets are re-strung with the same string to 25lbs tension.

We use the same shuttle cocks on all tests

We test all rackets in exactly the same way

Our player tries to hit all shots at the same velocity and strength to minimise variation.


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  1. Excuse me, Is The A9's stiffness same as Astrox 68s sir? I have played 68s for 5months, should i try Astrox 9 or astrox 69?

  2. Hai. Im a voltric force vtf 4UG5 user. Budget yonex racket as astrox 9. How is it astrox 9 compare to voltric force? I do think about buying this astrox 9.
    And is astrox 9 quite similiar to astrox 69?

  3. The more you say it difficult, the way it become more interesting to me!
    I have ordered this racket and cant wait to test it.
    The extra stiff shaft give the advantage of controlling the shuttle, you can place the shuttle anywhere you want, and with a good arm power practice you’ll get more power for smashing. This racket have a lot of potential that only can generate if you a highly trained player, if you feel this racket bad, than maybe your skill just an average thou, unless if you have more money, than just order the AX99 (same extra stiff shaft feeling) but again, if your skill just an average, than its meaningless, beside that, with the price of AX99, I’ll stick with AX9, it 1/3 cheaper than AX99. Cheers

  4. Halo sir, about the stiffness, did you measure it? What exactly the number? Help me sir, I’m comparing this racket with the other racket on your review like V20DG (actually I have been used this racket about 1 month now) , AX99 (never use it) etc by the exact measuring number you have write. Thankyou before it, really appreciate what you have done to reviewing so many badminton racket, I’m your subscriber and really happy to watch your video. Terimakasih ??

  5. im an intermidiate player im using muscle power..looking to buy new raquet which should i buy to help my backhand and smash

  6. Which is better? Astrox 9 or 7? As I am a left handed balanced player…. m looking to upgrade from nanoray7000i…

  7. Good stuff! Intermediate player here. Planning to buy first racket (before friend of mine rented me one). Which one should I buy A9 (the 4U, lighter version) or Voltric 7DG? If neither which you recommend is same price range?

  8. wow what a review – very helpful – i m the player in the last category you mention, but still like to hit 'hard' – how about Astrox 6 ? (i now know the 9 is not for me) – many thanks


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