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Firstly, Merry Christmas Everyone!

Today, we’re bringing you a review of the Yonex Astrox 99 that we did in collaboration with Badminton Click:

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Introduction & Specs: 0 – 1:00
Rallies with racquet: 1:00 – 1:46
Likes & Dislikes: 1:46 – 2:47
Discussion on various metrics (see below): 2:47 – 5:20
Overall comments, Who’s it for & Conclusion: 5:20 – End

For those short on time, here are the ratings that Jeff and I give in the video:

Henry – 9/10
Jeff – 8/10

Henry – 8/10
Jeff – 8/10

Henry – 8.5/10
Jeff – 9/10

Henry – 7.5/10
Jeff – 7/10

Henry – 7/10
Jeff – 7/10

Who’s it for:
Our general recommendation is that this racquet is for experience/advanced players with great form and technique with a preference towards singles players and hard hitting doubles players that enjoy a harder feeling when contacting the shuttle.

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  1. Hi, I’ve previously played with a victor bravesword 12, even balanced, very agile and responsive in front/midcourt, found it bit lacking in power from the backcourt. For example clears require more effort when under pressure. That’s why been thinking of changing back to a head heavy racket, hoping to generate more power especially from the backcourt. Is this a good one? Not a full on offensive player but variable, depends on the opponent and situation, lol.

  2. Having a hard to time to decide between the Astrox 99 and the Duora Z Strike. Having been using the Astrox 77 for a while now, I thought its time to get a better racket than the 77. I borrowed my friend's 99 (3U) strung with bg 80 power, and the feeling and power felt really good! Wanted to try the Duora Z Strike also, but never got the chance too. Have you tried the Duora Z Strike before? If so, which has better feeling overall? Also, love your videos! Really good reviews!

  3. Which better astrox 99 orange (4U), astrox 99 (4U) green lee chong wei and astrox 88d (4U) ?
    Please answer cos i want buy one for double and my position back..

  4. hey mate, i just saw ur nanoflare800 review does the 800 have the same power as atrox99 ? cos they are both 9/10 for power

  5. Saw the post in Reddit. I have had the 99 for the past 6 months, 4U, usually play doubles. Clears take a bit of effort, more than the Voltric ZFII (which I sometimes mishit with due to the smaller head). Smashes are great on the 99. The mention about the stiffness and the shock into the wrist is about spot on. I also have the LCW which I only have in 3U, that felt a lot more heavier with an overgrip so prefer the 4U.

  6. You guys need more subs- keep up the good luck and i hope you get recognized for your potential soon! Much love


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